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Self Realization #1

The last week few weeks have been stressful but it seems like since  Saturday evening my stress levels have been at 100%.  I realize that I don't express myself well although I talk a lot. I am a pastor /teacher/ English conversation tutor and RN, all fields that require you to know how to talk , The "talk" I'm talking about is the stuff that gets to me on the inside. It's easy for me to do a presentation , preach a sermon or talk to a family about their loved one's illness but when it comes to folks irritating me , I struggle. I struggle because I always want to make sure that it's not my own personal "stank nastiness" coming to the surface and that it is really something that is caused by an external source.(  Note to self: I need to blog in this more )

 Today I realize that I need to start praying more and speaking up . Self realization #1 is that I eat when stressed. This afternoon I felt as if  I could have dived into my favorite sandwich f…

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